Node JS​

We at Technisia have used the power of the Node Js framework to offer effective, efficient, secure, and cutting-edge solutions for constructing diversified web apps that manage thousands of requests at a time, reducing unnecessary effort.
Node JS​

Services We Offer

We at Technisia have experienced Node.js developers who provide services in back-end development, assisting clients in meeting their requirements using the latest technologies and creating fast, dependable, and scalable web applications. Our Node.js developers are professionals not just in Node.js, but also in MongoDB, ExpressJS, and AngularJS. Technisia’s skilled Node.js development team can assist you in quickly developing the back end, web servers, dynamic web apps, real-time online APIs, and other web applications. We may use event-driven and asynchronous APIs as a Node js app development company to create real-time web apps. We utilize Node.js as a server-side platform for creating real-time applications. Some of our services include:

Technologies We Use With Node JS Development Service

Technisia employs cutting-edge technology with Node Js to meet the needs of its clients while being competitive in the market. Some of the technologies we use with Node Js are:

Frontend Framework

Html,CSS,BootStrap, JavaScript

Data Management

MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.

Cloud and Devops

AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Docker

Why choose Us?

Technisia has extensively utilized Node Js development as a backend framework. Our development team can use the framework to construct dynamic web apps that are efficient for small, medium, and large-scale business.  Some of the advantages we offer are:


Light Weight





Our Clients

Our domain expertise

Healthcare & Fitness

E-learning & Education

E-commerce & Shopping

Sports & Recreation

Frequently Asked Questions


Node.js is a cross-platform open source runtime environment for creating server-side and networking applications. Node.js apps are written in JavaScript and may be executed on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux using the Node.js runtime. A Node.js application operates in a single process, rather than establishing a new thread for each request.

Node.js allows you to utilise JavaScript for back-end development, and as a result, you may match back-end functions to front-end functions. Better communication between back-end and front-end teams is enabled by technology. Node.js makes development easier and more accessible. JSON support, which is at the heart of most HTTP communication, is another advantage provided by Node.js. Because of its scalability, Node.js may be used for applications of varying demands and sizes.

There are numerous characteristics that make Node.js especially well-suited for developing scalable network applications:

  • allows us to use JavaScript as a backend language
  • cross-platform
  • lightweight
  • V8 makes it fast
  • simplifies developers’ work
  • designed with scalability in mind
  • offers stability and long-term support

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