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Technisia provides enhanced browser extension development services for all known browsers, allowing you to reach a larger audience and improve user interaction. We employ cutting-edge technologies and stay current on industry trends and expectations. Browser extensions are extremely user-friendly, cost-effective, and easily customisable, and they increase the overall quality of website navigation. Our focus is on the website’s performance and usability, including content access, navigation, flexibility, and so on, and one of the services we do is the creation of bespoke browser extensions. Client satisfaction is paramount to us, and our portfolio speaks for itself.

Chrome Extension

In Chrome Extensions, we focus on building services that enhance the functionality, usability, and user experience of the Chrome web browser. Chrome Extensions may bring a plethora of new features. We consolidate our broad comprehension of Chrome expansion creation with our abilities in state of the art advances like JavaScript, PHP, and React Js. Some of our Chrome extension services are as following:
Chrome extension
mozilla extension

Mozilla Extension

Technisia develops Mozilla extensions and plugins with the help of an experienced team of extensions developers who use cutting-edge technology.  Mozilla Extensions and plugins can add a variety of additional features to the Mozilla Firefox browser. To create extensions, we employ cutting-edge technologies such as React Js, JavaScript as the frontend and Node Js as the backend. Some of our Mozilla extension services are as following:

Safari Extension

Technisia skilled extension developers build safari extensions utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as React JS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS along with other extensions. Safari Extensions and Plugins enhance the functionality of the Apple Safari browser. The Technisia Safari plugin automates browser activities and increases Safari’s overall efficiency and accuracy. Some of our Safari extension services are as following:
safari extension

Why Choose Us?

We constantly take pleasure in creating exceptional browser extensions that exceed our clients’ demands. We realize that each browser platform is unique and that each browser has its own set of functions. When developing a browser extension, we provide following services:

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