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We at Technisia have Safari extensions developers that are capable of creating a program that enhances the operation of the Apple Safari browser by adding different functions and features to the extension using development tools such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
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Services We Offer

We at Technisia have encountered Safari experienced Safari extension developers who are profoundly mindful with Apple’s code and structure and utilize state of the art innovation to meet our clients’ need for providing fast, reliable, and secure extension. Technisia skilled developers leverage the power of HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, jQuery, ReactJS, and other advancements to deliver the most advanced Safari extension creation service. To make Safari extension, our Safari extension developers might add custom buttons, make bars, logical menu things, and infuse scripts into the safari toolbars. Our Apple Safari extension developers, like the other browser extensions, may assist to boost company by satisfying the needs of clients.

Safari Extensions We Have Created

These are some of the Safari extensions created by our experienced developers employing cutting-edge technology.


Generated customized XML file from listing salesforce page


Clickfunnel Cloner

Clone Click Funnel pages into your account with just two clicks.

Instagram Profiler

Instagram Profiler

Scrape instagram profile info and send it to Google Sheet



Translate all content of Netsuite CRM to arabic via dynamic javascript code and implement RTL.

AssetLab Helper

Context menu-based extension that opens some links by right-clicking and selecting a option.

QuickBooks Integration

Load the suppliers from API and create the purchase order against them using Quickbooks API.

Industries Using Mozilla Extension Services

Technisia offers excellent Safari browser extension and plugin development services. Our dedicated and expert web browser extension developers produce addons, plugins, and extensions using cutting-edge technologies, adding functionality depending on user demands to stay up with market trends. The following are some of the industries for which we have developed Safari browser extensions:

Frequently Asked Questions

A Safari app extension can extend Safari's capabilities by reading and changing webpage content. These features improve the tools you use, the tasks you can do, and the data you can access through your browser. Because it can connect with a native app, a Safari app extension is quite handy.

Although Safari features a "Private" mode, add-ons are not disabled by default in this mode. Safari, on the other hand, includes a fairly easy setting to disable all extensions. Select "Extensions" in the "Preferences" box and turn it off.

Safari extensions allow you to alter the way your browser functions. Extensions, for example, may allow you show social media and news buttons, restrict material on websites, and gain access to functionality from other applications, among other things.


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