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We at Technisia have Chrome extensions developers that design program that improve the functionality, usability, and user experience of the Chrome web browser by adding multiple functions utilizing development tools like as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
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Services We Offer

Fast web availability has changed how individuals utilize online specialized apparatuses, expanding the utilization and importance of browsers. Taking into account high acknowledgment of Google Chrome, Chrome extension and chrome plugins development has become basic for organizations to smooth out the activities, increment efficiency by adding greater usefulness and amplify client experience. We, at Technisia, utilize state of the art advances like PHP, React, JavaScript, and others, as well as Node Js to lead smooth third-party API integration. To guarantee greatest client delight, we join very effective Chrome extension creation with easy to use UI/UX.

Chrome Extensions We Have Created

These are some of the chrome extensions created by our experienced developers employing cutting-edge technology.



New tab based extension where user can add coin to watchlist, schedule notifcations on conditions and it displays news or Top 10 Coins latest price using CoinMarketCap API.



Allow user to add items from supplier website to Facebook Marketplace, create default margin templates, copy marketplace order address and paste it on supplier address page.


Extension run on current visited website against the personalized database and on the basis of Gender, Tax or Social factors it informs where the website is sustainable or not.



Consumer shopping engine for sports, retrieve the leagues data from API and provide user different options to select the game's event, team and load the outfits according to selected options.

Linkedln automation

LinkedIn Automation

Scrape the data from LinkedIn profile page and send data to the server, download or import users via CSV, create customized messaging templates and send message to users



A wishlist based extension that saves the item from different vendor websites, search on the basis of title, create or delete categories and associate those items to specified categories.

Industries Using Chrome Extension Services

Technisia provides great Chrome browser extension and plugin development services. Our devoted and professional web browser extension developers create addons, plugins, and extensions utilizing cutting-edge technologies, adding functionality based on user needs to keep up with market trends. The following are some of the industries for which we have developed Mozilla  extensions:

Frequently Asked Questions


Google Chrome Extensions are programs that run inside the Chrome program and empower additional usefulness, collaboration with third-party websites or services, and customized browsing experience.

Extensions are software modules that enable you to personalize your browser in a variety of ways. They can assist you in blocking unwanted adverts, speeding up your browser, protecting your online privacy, and more. 

Yes. Extensions can make cross-domain Ajax queries, allowing them to directly access distant APIs. APIs that deliver data in JSON format are very simple to use.


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